RHYTHM® Magic Motion clock (2) 41 cm x 39 cm x 8.3 cm


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  • Beautifully displayed gears adorned by 6 genuine Swarovski crystals of varying sizes that sparkle as the continuously moving pendulum gear near the bottom and flashing LED lights create a unique display
  • Every hour on the hour the face of the clock comes to life making a full revolution while playing one of its 30 melodies including 12 popular melodies, 12 classic melodies or 6 Christmas songs for you to enjoy
  • Optional volume control, On/Off switch and display button lets you silence your clock on demand, while it still keeps the perfect time
  • Includes a thermometer and hygrometer (humidity measurement)
  • Quartz movement
  • 2 x D battery included
  • One-year warranty, backed by ISO9001
  • Made by RHYTHM Japan


Do you want to see it working? Please follow the link:


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